Pricing update;

One of the first questions I get (after “can you make this”) is “how much will that be”….   Look no further, this is the base pricing list.

4” round (12 servings)- $100

1 dozen cupcakes (12 servings)- $60

6” round (20 servings)- $150

6” square (36 servings)- $175

6” hexagon (24 servings)- $200

8” round (50 servings)- $225

9” square (100 servings)- $275

10” round (78 servings)- $325

12” round (100 servings)- $400

12” square (116 servings)- $500

12” hexagon (85 servings)- $600

Additional costs may be associates with creative elements and stacked cakes, as well as delivery.

Servings listed are recommended cut.

Text, call or email for more specific pricing.


Up Up and Away

A bittersweet occasion, this Preschool “graduation” is!  So to add more sweet to it these balloon cupcakes were presented to the students and families.  Nothing like a simple Vanilla cupcake with a Meringue frosting!DSC_0006DSC_0016DSC_0010DSC_0030DSC_0015

Balderstan Wedding

Living in Southern California means I get to bake for lots of lovely beachy weddings and celebrations!  Here’s a little something I made for Julia and Alex in celebration of their elopement.  Every celebration goes better with cake!IMG_3782IMG_3780IMG_3785IMG_3781

Stealthy like a Ninja

With two parents into arts and video games, this little boy’s first birthday was destined to be Ninja!  We made a full cake for all of the party guests, and a small cake just for baby Max!  Karate chop that cake!IMG_0301IMG_0303IMG_0305IMG_0307IMG_0308IMG_0313

Picnic Smash Cake

When it comes to our babies, less is more, at least when sugar is involved!  This cake was a classic vanilla cake layered gently with a simple whipped frosting and fresh strawberries.  All organic, of course!DSC_0120DSC_0116

Princess Ariel (sans fin)

If you know anything about 4 year old girls, you should know that they have got a specific idea and opinion about everything!  This cake was such a delight to create and deliver to a sweet little girl that knew she only wanted Ariel, and with “no tail”.  DSC_0292DSC_0294DSC_0290DSC_0307